A monthly membership
to get your spiritual six pack


If you’re like me, you’ve tried so many things in the name of health and happiness.

Working out in sexy mesh leggings, eating healthy organic food, reading the occasional self-help book, following all the hot fitness gurus and glamorous foodie Instagram accounts, reading your weekly horoscope… yet you still hate what you see in the mirror, feel stuck, anxious about what the future holds, and overwhelmed by everything you’re juggling right now.

Life’s nowhere near where you’d want it to be. Something’s missing.

And you’re right. Something is missing. You’ve been focusing on being “healthy” but have forgotten about a really important part. Because just as your body, your spirit (in a non-woo woo kind of way) needs you to invest some love, care and attention in it too. You need a kickass consistent spiritual workout that will transform how you think, feel, act--- and make your life explode (in a glitter bomb kind of way).

You need a kickass consistent spiritual workout.

Because flexing and strengthening your spiritual muscle is the secret key to resetting your mindset and shutting up that bitchy negative voice inside your head saying you’re not enough, feeling more confident, waking up every day full of vitality and passion, finding your true purpose, stop giving a f*ck about the little things, and dancing through life. Sounds great, right?

I know what you’re thinking: “i don't have time, i have too much going on”

… but we both know that's probably bullsh*t ‘cause if you have time to complain about your life, you have time to do something about it #truthbomb

Tribetonic delivers results. It’s easy, simple and fun.

It’s effortless to follow, and easy to implement powerful tools, techniques and new steps into your busy life. Just like a gym membership, we’ll make sure you stay committed, consistent and on track to a super sexy toned soul (no sweat involved, promise). Afterall, that spiritual six pack won’t appear all on its own.

Love your life, love what you do, and love who you are as much as we do.

I made TribeTonic because I want you to love your life, love what you do, and love who you are as much as we do. To radiate with positivity and confidence, and be a part of a inspiring community of people ready to change their world. We’ll be your good vibe instant support, lovingly guiding and high fiving you every step of the way.

I promise you can f**king love your life. But you must take action.

Don’t wait to hit rock bottom - It’s time to join TribeTonic and get ready for supercharged soul growth, to get in the best shape of your life and to start glowing with happiness!


What you’ll get each month


10 minute guided meditation to get you pumped up and ready to seize the day. Download it and listen anytime, anywhere. Commute meditation, anyone?


4 videos with insights, tools, techniques, personal stories, behind the scenes and much more. These babies will also be available as downloadable audio to take them on the road and listen to again and again.


: Image with a powerful affirmation to use as a desktop on your devices. Affirmations help us create more of the good stuff--- so it’s actually going to be useful to check your phone a million times a day, yay!


Once a month we’ll connect in a live call in which you can ask all of your juicy questions


Find your squad, and get support from Jody, TeamTonic and like-minded TribeTonic(ers)


Don’t miss a thing! Get an exclusive opportunity to get the topics we’ve already covered

(Less than a yoga class!)

How it works

Easy peasy. Sign-up, and receive an email with access to your monthly bundle of carefully curated goodies created for you. Each month we’ll explore a new topic, such as confidence, love, body image, career and figuring out your passion and purpose in life. You will receive a toolkit with everything you need to know, learn and do to nail that specific area.

You call the shots, baby! You choose when to do the work. But if you want results, you have to commit. Pop it in your diary, ask Siri to set up an alarm, stick a post-it in your bathroom mirror… whatever it takes. You’ve got this.


You want to get to know Jody better and learn from her vast experience with clients

You want to have an experience similar to having Jody as your personal coach

You want support to find balance, inspiration and happiness

You want to lead a more inspired, empowered and kick ass life

You want supercharged tips, tools and bits of inspiration each month

You want help to stay consistent in your inner / spiritual “workout”



If you’re looking for an instant fix to all your problems, this is not right for you. Real, lasting change and happiness takes time, consistency and effort. There are no shortcuts to a sexy spiritual bod (even if infomercials try to convince us otherwise).

We also wish there was a magic pill for it, but we haven’t found it yet (don’t worry, we’ll let you know if we find it).

You will see more benefits the longer you do it. As all good things in life, you need a bit of patience at the beginning but don’t give up. We believe in you.


“Jody’s approach is 100% in tune with modern day life (no jargon) and totally relatable, but at the same time deeply spiritual. Exactly what I've been looking for, and struggled to find up until now.”


“After working with Jody, friends started asking if I'd lost weight, changed my hair, got new makeup - but it was all down to Jody.”


“I NEVER thought I would be the kind of person to meditate, but now i’m addicted and meditate every day.”


“I'm completely hooked and can't wait for the next session.”



I don’t meditate or do yoga, is this still for me?

Whether you’re a total newbie or a super experienced meditator, TribeTonic will gently guide you through everything you need to know. You don’t have to get it perfect, you just need to get started

I don’t have time! I am a very busy person

Oi! If you have 10 minutes a day to think about how shitty your life is, or complain about the weather, you have time to sit down and do something that will make you feel better.

Stop wasting time living a life you don’t enjoy, and do something about it right now.

I am not “spiritual”

You don’t need to be “spiritual”. You just need to want to bring positive change into your life, and commit to making it happen. And if you’re reading this, it’s very likely you are!

I don’t have enough money for this

If you have enough to buy a (turmeric, matcha, unicorn) latte a week, you can afford TribeTonic. And you’ll get so much more than a shot of caffeine(/rainbows?). You’ll use what you learn for the rest of your life. If that’s not a good investment, I don’t know what is!

What if I hate it?

No worries, sometimes relationships don’t work out! We get it. You can send us an email and we’ll sort it out for you.